Erasmus “A School for All“ mobility meeting in Madeira

During November 12-16 New Teaching Methods project meeting in Madeira I learned So many interesting facts about Portuguese education system and culture. I found it surprising that the grading system is from 1 to 20 and the negative marks are to 10. Unlike us they don’t have a possibility to study for free in universities and have to pay for the study program that they choose. I found it interesting that if you choose to study biology lessons in school in 12th grade you’ll have biology lessons for half of the year and geography lessons for the second one. Wanting to get into university depends only 30% on your state exam results and 70% on marks you get in school. In Portugal there are inclusion centers where adults with some sort of disabilities are occupied by specialists, taught about independent life and aren’t left alone.

I was so lucky to get to experience a little bit of the casual Portuguese life. I found out they wear shoes at home, students take some lunch to school, but they eat similar breakfast, dinner. The family was really friendly to me, accepted me as if I was their son.

Students are just like us there. There the “cool“ kids, those who study a lot, others who simply enjoy communicating wtih people. They use social media as well, go out to the city to meet with friends, play video games.

The island iteslf is breathtaking. It has mountains, ocean beaches, many banana trees, almost the same weather all year long. I won‘t forget the view from the viewing platforms where you can see big parts of the wonderful city. I hope more students will have the possibility to take part in Eramus+. I am grateful for this opportunity.

Arnas Jankauskas, class IV a,
Alytus Adolfas Ramanauskas-Vanagas gymnasium